The Rocker Chic is all about my love for music!  Rock and Roll saved my life, and my goal with this site is to hopefully make your lives better by sharing my musical experiences with you.  On The Rocker Chic you’ll find cool photos and reviews of concerts, as well as my creative visions.  Be Safe and Rock On!

– Rocker Chic Danette


I love taking pictures at concerts. I can't wait to see what I have taken and usually check the camera on the drive home. Here are a few of my favorites for your viewing pleasure.

Concerts 2019

We are starting our concert year with Kiss in February.  

Our Prince of Darkness concert was canceled in 2018 due to health issues for Ozzy. Ozzy is now part of our 2019 concert list. 

Well our Ozzy Concert was canceled again, due health issues. It is now scheduled for the 2020. Keep your fingers crossed! Not much added to our list yet, but are hoping for the ticket sale from Live Nation again.


I always get random songs stuck in my head.  This is one of those songs that pops in there regularly.  Deep Purple's - Space Truckin.

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